West Virginia University Genomics Core Facility

You've got data. We turn it into information

We offer a full slate of consulting services.

Analysis Plans

Whether you are just starting to plan an experiment, or already have the data and aren't sure what to do with it, we can help discuss what can be done, what tools are available, and what information can be pulled from the data.

Grant Applications

We can help determine the analytic feasability of proposed work, and give some estimates as to the Bioinformatics resources needed.

Custom Programming

If your project needs analysis beyond available tools, we can create custom software for you. If you are writting scripts yourself and want some help or advice, we can do that too.

Pretty Pictures

Stats are all well and good, but sometimes you need that perfect picture to tell the tale. We can create publication ready figures that get your message across.

Interactive Visualizations

There are lots of tools available that let you explore your data interactively. We can point you towards some of these, and help getting your data into the formats needed. If you have a unique need, we can even build something for you.


We are available for individual or small group training on specific software, general computing, and techniques of Bioinformatics.

Repetitive Task Automation

Find yourself doing the same thing over and over? Maybe we can write a script to automate it for you.

For informal consulting, just stop by the office for a chat, or send me an email. More extensive work will be charged as outlined in fees.

For questions, help, or to offer a beer, get in touch with the bioinformatician, Niel Infante