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Galaxy is a web based front end to numerous genomics tools. It allows a researcher access to these tools using just a graphical interface, and requires no knowledge of the operating system or installation details.

At WVU, researchers have access to three different instances of Galaxy.
Public Galaxy Server
Available here, The public Galaxy at Penn State is open to anyone. Register with them for 250GB of data use.

INBRE Server
Our instance hosted by INRBE is here. While not as extensive as the public server, it has the advantage of being more responsive to requests for new tools or genomes. You can create a user account at the site itself, simply provide an email address. INBRE likes to know who they are serving, and will very occasionally ask about your usage. This server is only available from behind the WVU firewall, so can only be accessed when you are on campus.

There is also an instance running on Mountaineer. This instance needs an account set up before using. Contact Niel if you need access.

Tutorials and help for Galaxy can be found here.

For questions, help, or to offer a beer, get in touch with the bioinformatician, Niel Infante