West Virginia University Genomics Core Facility

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Facility
How is the Facility Funded?
We are funded in part by an NIH COBRE Grant to the WVU Center for Neuroscience headed by Dr. George Spirou. Additional funding is provided by the Department of Biology, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the WVU Health Sciences Center. Maintenance costs come from the fees charged.
Where are you located?
The sequencing center is in the Life Sciences Building on the downtown Campus. The microarray facility is in Erma Byrd on the Health Science Campus. There is a bioinformatics office in both buildings.
Questions about the Science
What are the guidelines for my samples?
  • Both DNA and primer should be pure and free of EDTA, Protein, RNA, Ethanol and Salt. Please DON'T suspend Primer in TE buffer. We prefer elution in sterile de-ionized water, instead of EB buffer, if you are using a Qiagen MiniPrep kit for purification.
  • Primers should be in the range of 18-25 bp with 40-60% GC content.
  • Please fill in a sample information file along with your samples. Please include a separate sheet for each plate. Leave plate row and col blank if samples are in tubes. Number tubes according to the first column. See here for more information.
How much DNA / RNA do I need?
Ask Ryan.
How do I submit samples?
See here.
Which Illumina library prep is best for me?
Good question. See here.